Submission Guidelines

This carnival is centered around the visual arts. Creating art, writing about art, art news, art philosophy and the art world in general. Submissions are very welcome and can be submitted at Blog Carnival or The Conservative Cat. This Carnival will be published every two weeks at this stage.

Submissions should be visual arts related, falling into the categories below.

Creating Art
Posts in this topic should be about new pieces, techniques and works in progress.

Art History
Anything to do with art history, analyses, new ideas, techniques of the old masters and essays

Art Philosophy
A general category to discuss the nature of art and the philosophy of being an artist.

The Biz
Art business topics and commentary, hints, tips and advice for succeeding as an artist

Art News
Posts about new discoveries, controversies and news in and around the art world.

More categories will be added later. if you wish to submit a category please email me or leave a comment here. You can submit posts at Blog Carnival


One Comment

  1. Dan replied:


    I submitted an article over at, but I’m just not sure that it went through. The connection seemed to have some problems.

    In any case, the article I wanted to submit is located here

    Thanks, and let me know if I should re-submit.

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