What is The Carnival of Art?

This site is the homepage for the Carnival of Art, which aims to showcase the best posts from artists, art news and art world blogs to provide a wide range of blog posts from all over the visual art world. We invite submissions from bloggers and readers, and collate the submitted posts into one big round-up (or “carnival”) every two weeks, offering a brief summary of each entry, and a link to the complete post.

What is the purpose of the carnival?

The Carnival of Art has these primary purposes:

  • To provide arts bloggers with the opportunity to gain some exposure and attract a wider audience.
  • To showcase the best that a wide range of art blogs have to offer, in one convenient location, for the benefit of artistic readers.
  • To inspire debate and discussion about arts news and topics
  • .

  • To promote interest and understanding about visual arts (or is that just wishful thinking!)
  • Advertisements

One Comment

  1. Thomas Schmidiger replied:

    Information for the operator of the “The Carnival of Art” blog

    We have listed your blog in our art blog index on the start page of our website, http://www.ArtOffer.com. This way we support the popularity of your website and with the direct link on the number attached we also increase the PageRank of your website.
    We would appreciate it if you would also link to our art portal containing over 10,000 original works to your start page. This way awareness and PageRank can be increased for both sides.

    Many thanks and we wish you continued success with your interesting art blog.

    Thomas Schmidiger, ArtOffer.com

    P.S. If uninterested in this type of cooperation (mutual linking), we will delete your website from our index after a short time.

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