The Carnival of Art – #9

Welcome to the December 30, 2006 edition of the carnival of art. The last edition of 2006!

If you have an image you would like to be featured please mention it in your blog submission – I would like to start adding an image feature per edition. Now without further ado – here is the 9th Blog carnival!

Art History

Ryan Morin presents Picasso, Matisse and the Female Nude posted at The Netpreneur.

Lawrence of Arabia presents notes on elizabeth nourse’s arabia (the mosque at tunis) posted at revolt in the desert, saying, “Against the tendency of most 19th century orientalist painters, Elizabeth Nourse presents a broader and more coherent vision of Islamic society in her painting of the mosque at Tunis. -LoA”

Art News

Georgina Kelman presents An Afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art posted at Georgina Kelman | Works on Paper Blog, saying, “A tour of what’s on at one of New York’s great museums”

Art Philosophy

John Wesley presents How to Teach Yourself a Foreign Language posted at Pick the Brain – Wit and Wisdom for Your Inspiration, saying, “Start reading great poetry in the original language by teaching yourself a new language.”

Creating Art

Don West presents Pondering Food posted at Idle Minutes, saying, “An illustrated blog with a humorous twist about all sorts of subjects…each with a watercolor illustration. All to promote the fun of drawing and sketching practically anything.”

Renata Vincoletto presents Rio posted at A geek Family.

AWB presents Black Looks posted at Black Looks, saying, “art as activism”

Dani Jones presents Texture: How to Make Better Art with Jelly Beans posted at Dani Draws, saying, “Dani Jones is an illustrator who has been published in various children’s books and magazines. In this tutorial, she explains how she uses texture to make her digital illustrations more painterly.”

Dan presents How to Draw what you See posted at

D.A.N. presents Sights & Sounds from the Fifth Column – Music, Art, Articles & More » Become a Fifth Columnist posted at Sights & Sounds from the Fifth Column.

Jeanette Jobson presents The artist’s cat posted at Illustrated Life.

Ted Reimers presents Ohio State Football Stadium built with legos posted at CampusGrotto, saying, “Here is an amazing model built completely of legos of the Ohio State football stadium…Just in time for the Bowl games.”

The Biz

Lisa Grissom presents What I Learned About Football posted at, saying, “Details my discoveries about the value of a team gleaned from photographing football.”

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January 3, 2007. Art History, Art News, Art Philosophy, Creating Art, The Biz.


  1. Lisa Grissom replied:

    Thanks for including my post!

  2. Alfredo replied:

    Hello I´m new on this of the carnivals,
    also new in bloging.
    I´m going to try to refresh the pics of my works once a month in my blog, just leave here for you, may find it interesting.
    I´ll come back soon.


  3. Siouxfire replied:

    I can’t seem to submit a URL. Is this carnival still active?

  4. 100th Carnival of Education « Let’s play math! replied:

    […] The Carnival of Art – #9 […]

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