The Carnival of Art – #7

Firstly My Apologies for the delay in this carnival, I will try not to let it happen again. Now, without further ado – Welcome to the seventh edition of The Carnival of Art!

Art News

Melanie Fain presents Hummingbird in Peril Brings Acclaim to Artist posted at Wildlife Art Blog.

Annette Monnier presents Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – News posted at PAPER RAD!!!!!!!.

Derek Andrews presents Pfeifer and Flynn on collaboration posted at The ToolRest

Georgina Kelman presents Georgina Kelman Works on Paper: From Picasso to Pinocchio posted at Georgina Kelman Works on Paper.

Kevin Surbaugh presents Chesney Park NIA – Great Mural Wall of Topeka – Updates: Great Mural Wall of Topeka Minutes: 10/19/06 posted at Chesney Park NIA – Great Mural Wall of Topeka – Updates.

And I explore the case of Frisco teacher Sydney McGee and the implications of her firing and the suspension of New York teacher Panse at my blog Jennie’s Palette

Creating Art

Polliwog presents Stripping for fun posted at

Matthew Bamberg presents Digital Traveler

And regular Simon presents more Nudes at Simon Collins – Life Drawing.

That concludes this carnival. Stay tuned, because very shortly I will be presenting the next carnival. then we will be all caught up. Until Next time and thanks for reading,


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November 22, 2006. Art News, Creating Art.

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