The Carnival of Art – #2

Welcome to the second edition of The Carnival of Art. Thanks to everyone who submitted this fortnight. If you would like to submit a blog article about art please look at out submission guidelines.

This Fortnight, Simon presents His life drawings of Yvona – 26.6.06 and Elizabeth 3.7.06 posted at

Kneon Transitt takes a hilarious look at caricatures in Punxsutawney Phil. And nudists. posted at kneon transitt shouldn’t be allowed to blog.

And Jennie extemporizes on the latest controversy surrounding Damien Hirst in The Proper Pickling of Dead Sharks posted at Jennie’s Palette.

Paul at The Sharpener presents My admiration for modern art

That concludes this issue, Come back next fortnight for more art blogs.


July 13, 2006. Art News, Creating Art.


  1. The Sharpener » Blog Archive » replied:

    […] The Carnival of Art #2 […]

  2. Simon Collins replied:

    Hi Jennie. Good to see the carnival happening, I am sure it will grow! Simon.

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